Petrochemical Product

Quintech Scientific provides sales & Technical support for petroleum testing Products, as well as other Scientific products, laboratory supplies and consumable. We are pleased to be of services to you.
Meets all ASTM D 445 Precision Specifications

» Convenient and Affordable Automated Testing
» 100-Fold Range Tubes for Kinematic Viscosities Between 0.3 and 5,000* mm2/s
» Selectable Temperature Range Between 20° and 100°C

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   Latest News
» Cannon introduces MiniQV-X quick automatic viscumbler for in-services oil viscosity measurement
» XOS introduces SINDIE GENS with Auto sample
   New Product Release
MiniAV-LT Low Temperature Automatic Viscometer for Jet Fuel, Turbine oils and hydraulic fluid
» Developed specially for low Temperature (Sub-Zero) Kinvis Measurement.
» Meet ASIM D445 and D2532 precision specification.
» Temperature range of -400c to +300c
» Attractive and compact table top unit.