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  • ASTM D445 Automated Kinematic Viscometer

  • Constant Temperature Bath

  • Glass Capillary Viscometer Tube

  • Viscosity Standards and Flash Point Reference materials 
    SAE J300 Test Equipment (CSS, CMRV)

  • Asphalt Industry Test Equipment 

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  • Automated Petroleum Testing Equipment 

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  • Total Sulfur and Total Chlorine Analysers

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  • Forza International manufactures laboratory testing instruments for fuel, lubricant, grease and asphalt industries, focusing on designing equipment for the analysis of physical properties —oxidation stability, corrosive/rusting properties, viscosity, foaming tendencies, water separability, cloud, pour, cold filter plugging point and low temperature flow test.

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  • Automated demulsibility testers for determination of water separability of petrochemical products and synthetic fluids

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  • Environmental Measuring Instruments

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  • Petroleum Testing Equipment 

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  • ASTM Thermometers and Hydrometers

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  • Consumables for ICP, AAS, CHNOS, TOC, etc

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  • Calibration Standards for Petrochemical, Lube Oil, Crude Oil and Polymer Industries

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  • XRF Sample Cups and Thin-Film Sample Support Windows

  • Automated Stability Testers

  • Oil Centrifuges and Glassware

  • ICP, AAS, XRF Calibration and Verification Standards

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  • HFRR-2 Upper and Lower Specimens

  • Testing of lubricity 

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